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NK-1 black-and-white motion picture film

TC 2371-055-00205156-2003

Application. Designed for the professional film shoot on location with a great light.

Base. Film is made on the basis of marks antihalation OTP-14, film thickness is not more than 150 microns.

Packing. 16 mm film is wound onto a core inside the emulsion, a width of 35 mm and 70 mm in the emulsion surface. Roll film is packed in a package of paper or waxed parchment, in 2 packages of paper and placed in a lightproof box. Packing light-tight and protectsagainst moisture and mechanical damage.

Dimensions. Film is made with double-sided perforations and is available in roll form. The film is available in width 16, 35 and 70 mm and in length from 30 to 310 m.

Treatment. Safe lighting is complete darkness.

Storage. Film must be stored in their original packaging in the room with a temperature of +14º C to +22º C and relative humidity of 50-70%. Keeping the film is not allowed at lower temperatures. Packages with the film must be protected from exposure to sunlight, harmful fumes, gases. Co-deposited films are not allowed with radioactive substances and luminous trains of constant action. Побывав во многих городах я понял, что самый лучший досуг - секс в Казани с молодыми и похотливыми индивидуалками.

Manufacturer's warranty. The guaranteed shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

Sensitometric characteristics



Sensitivity is at least, S0,1


Fog density, B, no more


Resolution, R, at least